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I don’t like to talk about politics. Because it seems even normal people can’t discuss what they think or believe without it turning into a hate fest.

What is wrong with us? You may differ with our president and I do. But he is not some demon from hell. He is a human being and an American. There seems to be a lot of hate and nastiness going on in this supposedly Christian nation. :( When we dislike a politician’s actions, we elect a new person. We do not drive a stake through their hearts. And dance about in the dark enjoying their pain.

Every president elected has done the country wrong in one way or another. Do the words Vietnam, Watergate, Iran Contra, Monica strike a chord in your memory. All politicians come from us. And  if they turn out to be slime balls, then we had better take a hard look at the society that elected them, instead of hurling mud at the other side.

I live in a so called “battleground” state. I have watched the politics get nastier and nastier. Are we proud of ourselves yet?  People with political signs in their yards have had them ripped up, stolen and burned. Racial slurs sprayed on their cars and homes. Now we have the FBI investigating possible voter intimidation.  I hope they catch the little shits and give them the scare of their lives. Because this is being done by kids. And just where did these idiot kids get these ideas from ?

This is how I feel about politics

3 Responses to “Politics”


Well you did mention you live in a Battleground state after all.

Anyway I will annoy you and be an arrogant foreigner that pretends to know more about your country and you do. :-p :D

You don’t live in a Christian country. You live in a country of religious freedom. I might be making this up but I don’t think you had words relating to God on your money till the 50′s and there may have been some other similar things didn’t show up till that time.

Hmm, seems I got it wrong but also right. Wikipedia knows all –

It’s just that you live in a country of political campaigns that have far more to do with religion than they should.

Still it’s all off topic. However I posted and contributed and want chocolate as reward.


You don’t like our chocolate, remember. :p



After all, it IS “the rhetoric of failure.” This election is just amazing. There are several things that I think the media is catching up to. I have the sense t hat they are looking at their shoes like they’ve been tracking dog crap around their houses and trying to figure out how long they’ve been doing THAT.

Anyhow, we live on the back end of the subdivision, so we didn’t get as many T-Treaters as I bought candy for. A few people got smart and went to the back first, but not so many.