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Like a Hobbit

Like a hobbit, I like to give presents away on my birthday. So when you are tired, feeling stressed out and wishing away the cares of life, watch this. If your computer will support it, watch it in HD on full screen. I love this video. It makes me so happy to know I like in the same world as this magnificent creatures.
More give aways to come. Cheers


Off To See The Wizzard

Off to collect the new knee tomorrow. A tincy bit nervous. I am a real coward when it comes to pain.  My computer is in the room over the garage, so climbing up here has been painful. I got the folks to move the older computer downstairs. Wonder why I didn’t think of that before.  I have a new very cute notebook. Once I have stopped crying like a baby I can check in online. I want to thank everyone for all there good thoughts. Much appreciated.

Grace I love you beautiful new shawls. It is like watching someone make magic.  Marie, I love your new sock madness!  You can stop buying sock yarn now. Opal Uni is a bit thinner then the patterned Opal. The stuff wears like iron.

Looking for some eye candy? Check out this Beautiful shawl. It will probably show up on Rav, when she gets its around to posting it. Consider it a sneak preview :-)
How about these socks. From the new German Knitting book Socken aus aller Welt. I love this pattern, but I think I can do it without the book. I need another sock pattern book like I need an hole in my head.
Beautiful Beautiful

See y’all in a few weeks. Dawn is watching for me. And she will let you know if I am still around or if there will be a big yard sale on knitting stuff. Toodles folks!


From Hate To Respect

I never thought I would see this day. But I am so glad I lived to see it.

I have watched every inguration since I was a kid. They are all special in thier own ways. You see a man (so far only men) full of hope and energy. Then four or eight years later, you see them being spit out by a mostly ungrateful country. And you can see the burden on their faces. I didn’t vote for George Bush, but I don’t think he is the village idiot and I think he did what he thought was best. It may not have been the best, but it is easy to look backward and be a Monday night quaterback . So we have spit George Bush out, and have a new one to feed on. I hope fate is kind to him.

Try to remember they are all our fellow Americans and human and fallible.

I wish my father had lived to see this.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful Christmas, and a peaceful New Year. Next year Santa is going to bring me a new knee and I will be dancing again.

We are having fishcakes spaghetti and cole slaw for Christmas Eve. And we will be watching the Griswald Christmas. Our holiday tradition. I think you need to be from the north east to understand the food. :-}

Christmas we switch geographic locations and will be having ham, sweet potatoes and greens of some sort. Heading out to the Farmers Market to see what they have. Collards really taste best after a freeze. And we have had one. If my mother were still alive we would be having home made ravioli. Ain’t going to happen, I am too lazy.

Still working on Dawn’s Gnome. I know it is a quicky pattern but I have lost my knitting mojo. It will get done soon. And it isn’t really for the holidays.

Merry Christmas Everyone, even the Brits.


Sugar Rush

Yes friends, it is cooking baking time again. Not me, I didn’t spend my time in High School working at a bakery after school. No, it is the boss who the cookie baking nut. I just sweep up after and take the trays of cookies out of the oven when the buzzer goes off. You don’t have to eat them to go a little weird. Just being in the kitchen with all that sugar takes its tole. This isn’t pretty, but consider it a warning before you crank up the ole ovensugarush11sugarush1



Jean’s Hat Drive

Another hat for Jean’s hat drive. If you hate knitting hats, try mittens or scarves. These people are cold. And if you hate  knitting those items, but love winning prizes head over to Jean’s and check out the goodies. Holy Cow knitters. It is like knitters heaven.

What if you are knitting for the holidays. Is everyone on your knitting list crazy about handmade goodies? I know some people would rather not. But here is a group of men (mostly) would will love and cherish the things you knit for them. They live on the streets and they are cold, really cold. Why they are living on the streets, isn’t our concern just now. What is our concern is helping them to warm up. We can do this, right now. No big expensive programs, no politicians or even church leaders. Us, all of us we can help someone we don’t know, and will probably never, know be warmer this winter.

Forget Uncle Max’s scarf, you know in your heart he would rather have something from the shops. Knit one thing for someone who will be grateful and think warm thoughts back at you at least for a moment. And moments are all any of us has.

Off the soapbox

This hat is knit with Elann Highland Chunky wool. On size 8 needles. The whole hat is slip stitched for extra warmth. I threw in a few rows of Elann Highland Wool, ruby doubled. It broke up the sea of dark blue. And the yarn is really dark in person, Navy blue dark. My camera seems to have a mind of its own today.

As a break from hats, I cast on this morning for a pair of mitens. Elann Bag yarn. Which is yummy and soft.  I have to give my hands a chance to heal, after being poked to death by those #$@%^ Options needles. The only needles I had in size 8. I have bandaides on the index and thumb of my right hand and on the index finger of my left hand. I keep swearing I will never knit with them again. I need to buy some non lethal needles in larger sizes.  Who knew I would ever need needles that weren’t sock needles :)


Hats for Jean

Jean  The Scottish Lamb is collecting wool hats to be given to the homeless in New York City. Please go to her site and check out the super fabulous prizes she is giving out. You won’t believe how wonderful they are.

I have managed one hat. Double strands of Elann Highland Wool on size 10 and 10 1/2 needles. It is just 1×1 ribbing for most of the hat, then stockinette stitch for the top. It looks better in person then in the picture. The yarn is one strand ruby one strand grey heather. I hope it keeps someone nice and warm.

Please, please go visit Jean’s blog and maybe knit a hat :)

Only my affection for Jean, could make me knit 7 inches of 1×1 ribbing. I Hate ribbing


Eleventh Hour

On the eleventh hour or the eleventh day of the eleventh month, World War I ended. The war to end all wars crashed on until the treaty of  The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th 1919. 20 million deaths both civilian and milatary occured.

Try to remember them all at 11:00am. It may not have been the war to end all wars, but it was certainly the war that changed the world.

On other fronts, the afghan for Afghan mittens are chugging along.



I think this pattern can be a quick holiday gift. I also think you could get a pair out of one ball of Elann Highland Wool. I made the cuff a bit longer on mine so I used more then the one ball.

The pattern as written is too large for my hands. My wrist only measures 6 1/2 inches around. So some mods were needed. I decided to do one less repeat of the pattern and work 40 stitches, instead of the called for 45 stitches.  I also didn’t care for the flared out cuff that most of the pictures of the finished mitts showed. I believe this is caused by the cable starting just four rows from the beginning of the mitt

Elann Highland Wool, Bright Blue (discontinued color)

Size 5 and 6 circs.

With the size 5 I cast on 35 stitches. I did 4 rows of garter stitch. Then increased to 40 stitches and started the pattern. I did 5 rows of the ribbing before the first cable crossing. This has reduced the cuff flair.

I could have done more cables, since I wanted a longer cuff. But decided to just do the ribbing.

After the thumb, I did 5 rows of the ribbing pattern. Then the cable, then 5 more rows of the ribbing. I decreased back to 35 stitches and did 4 rows of garter stitch.

On the first mitt I did the cable just above the thumb. I really didn’t care for how this felt. Sort of bunching where you thumb and hand come together. On the second mitt I eliminated the cable above the thumb and it feels a lot more comfortable.

Thumb. The pattern calls for the Afterthought Thumb. If you can wrap your mind around the fact that you are going to have holes and they can be fixed. You will be a lot happier with your knitting. I repaired mine by using only two ply’s of the yarn. This makes the repair a lot less bulky.

I worked the thumb with the size 5 needle and decreased two stitches. Ended with garter stitch. I think I would skip this or only do two rows, when I do this pattern again.

I am knitting this pattern for my daughter who has larger hands. I will add a purl stitch between the cable columns and only do the cable crossings on the front of the mitt. Which means you need to be careful where you place the thumb. :)

It is pouring rain outside so the color is not really true.



I don’t like to talk about politics. Because it seems even normal people can’t discuss what they think or believe without it turning into a hate fest.

What is wrong with us? You may differ with our president and I do. But he is not some demon from hell. He is a human being and an American. There seems to be a lot of hate and nastiness going on in this supposedly Christian nation. :( When we dislike a politician’s actions, we elect a new person. We do not drive a stake through their hearts. And dance about in the dark enjoying their pain.

Every president elected has done the country wrong in one way or another. Do the words Vietnam, Watergate, Iran Contra, Monica strike a chord in your memory. All politicians come from us. And  if they turn out to be slime balls, then we had better take a hard look at the society that elected them, instead of hurling mud at the other side.

I live in a so called “battleground” state. I have watched the politics get nastier and nastier. Are we proud of ourselves yet?  People with political signs in their yards have had them ripped up, stolen and burned. Racial slurs sprayed on their cars and homes. Now we have the FBI investigating possible voter intimidation.  I hope they catch the little shits and give them the scare of their lives. Because this is being done by kids. And just where did these idiot kids get these ideas from ?

This is how I feel about politics



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